Swim with Humpback Whales

in Tonga 東加之旅 2023


2023 summer: Swim with whales and see them in real life and feel their vibes as if you are on the front row seats of their choir ensemble in one of the Tonga islands that the humpback whales spend their summer.

If we are lucky enough, we may even be able to swim and dive in on a Heat Run, an adrenaline driven real-life battle among male whales fighting to win the love of One female whale. 🥰

Our local captain and whale guide will teach us all the "dos' and 'don'ts" while we are on the boat and when we are in the water. They help to make sure it's safe for us (and the whales) when we get into the water. They will help navigate and explore the Tonga sea to spot the whale groups as they freely swim and enjoy the warm water of the Tonga sea.

The Tongan humpback whale migration begins when winter descends on the Antarctic. And welcome to be part of the one of the world's largest and longest animal migrations!

SoulFree’s whale swim trip is 8-day/7-night and the package price will include the following:

  1. 5 boat trips (with Tonga Tourism Board certified captain and whale guide) each boat trip departs at 9 am and ends at 4pm,
  2. 7 nights of hotel accommodation (2 pax per room);
  3. 3 meals for 7 days (day 1-day 7) because day 8 will be leaving the island;
  4. Pick up transportation to/from Tonga Vava'u airport to hotel;
  5. A minivan for the group to commute on the island.

The package will exclude all international and domestic flights getting into Vava’u, Tonga and any other incurred expenses, such as travel insurance, personal expenses etc.

We can only accept 7 people on one boat so we can maximize our time with whales.

Trip date: 9/11/2023 - 9/18/2023


*If your origin is not from Taiwan, please kindly research your flights and connections. Your goal is to arrive in Vava'u on 2023/9/11 or before. If you need extra night accommodation in the same hotel, please let us know in advance. We can make reservation for you and it will be at your own expense.

** Below is the flight plan for those who depart from Taiwan. We have guests coming from Asia and Americas. There may be flights flying direct to Fiji from your country and then connect to Vava'u, Tonga.

9/9 (SAT) Departing from TPE
9/10 (SUN) Arrive AKL
9/12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (Tue - Sat) Daily boat trip to find and swim with whales
9/17 (SUN) Explore the Vava'u island
9/19 (TUE) AKL-TPE

* You need to be physically on the island on 9/11 because our first boat dive will be on 9/12 early morning.

* Arrive on Vava'u, Tonga on 9/11/2023 from your origin

* Depart from Vava'u Tonga on 9/18/2023 to your origin

Airport Code:

TPE: Taipai, Taiwan 臺北

AKL:Auckland, New Zealand 紐西蘭奧克蘭

TBU:TongaTapu, Tonga 東加(努瓜婁發)

VAV:Vava'u, Tonga 東加瓦瓦屋島

Requirements from you:

  • Ability to swim with or without fins non-stop for 200 meters
  • Per current requirement from the Tonga government, you will need an official/legitimate COVID-19 vaccination certificate to be shown at check-in before boarding a flight to Tonga. 
  • Valid entry visa to Tonga plus all countries you transit before you enter Tonga 

More videos on our last Tonga trip, click the links below:

~Symphony of whale breaching~

2023 年夏季:與鯨魚一起游泳,在現實生活中看到它們,感受它們的共鳴,就好像您在座頭鯨度過夏天的東加群島之一的合唱團前排座位上一樣。

如果我們足夠幸運,我們甚至可以游泳和潛入 Heat Run,這是一場腎上腺素激增的現實生活中公鯨之間的戰鬥,為贏得一頭母鯨的愛而戰。 🥰
SoulFree 的鯨魚之旅為 8 天 7 夜,套餐價格將包括以下內容:
1) 5次遊船(有東加旅遊局認證的船長和鯨魚嚮導)每次遊船早上9點出發,下午4點結束,
2) 7晚酒店住宿(每房2人)
3) 7天三餐(第1天-第7天),因為第8天將離島。
4) 還包括機場到酒店的接送服務;
5) 供團隊在島上交通的小型貨車。
我們只能在一艘船上容納 7 人,因此我們可以最大限度地享受與鯨魚相處的時間。

台灣出發跟回程日期: 9/9 & 9/19
島上日期: 2023/9/11- 2023/9/18

9/9 (六) TPE 搭機
9/10 (日) 抵達AKL
9/11 (一) AKL-TBU+ TBU-VAV
9/12, 13, 14, 15, 16 出海
9/17 (日)陸遊
9/18 (一) VAV-TBU+ TBU-AKL
9/19 (二) AKL-TPE



  • 你必須能夠在有或沒有蛙鞋的情況下不停地游泳 200 米 (就是會游泳的意思啦)
  • 根據東加政府的現行要求,您需在辦理登機手續時出示官方/合法的 COVID-19 疫苗接種證書。
  • 持有有效的東加入境簽證以及您入境東加之前轉機與過境的所有國家

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